Bitcoin Code Review

The BitCoin Code is a huge scam and lie

We would just like to start out by clarifying our stance on Bitcoin Code which is that we think it is a scam. The saving grace for many gullible people out there is that the fraud has not been running for long.

But the bad news is that it has already scammed dozens of people. Though scams in our experience make outlandish claims but the Bitcoin code and its subsequent promotional video break all records with fake images, and a web of intricate lies.

While we have seen our fair share of scams, this is one of the most brazen examples we’ve come across in some time. Everything is such a big lie that its hard to know where to begin.
Let’s start with the founder and CEO of Steve McKay who claims that he made more than $100 million using the software he developed.

But because Steve is such a nice person he’s decided to give away a free membership to just a few people. Then again he wants you to buy the idea that he’s doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

When we did a bit of research, it was not hard to find out that this Steve McKay character is a fantasy. But then who is the guy in the picture? A quick reverse image search using Google turned up a Frenchman with a totally different name and with no connection to the binary options trading industry.

So, these crooks just decided to cross all manner of decency off their list and use someone else’s photo to promote a fraud. However, what else can you expect from a bunch of criminals? Then we get to the cheap Fiverr actors who are featured in the promotional video.

Both these characters are freelancers for hire on the scam network. They claim to be making over $5500 a day using the Bitcoin Code software. But if they are making their rounds working for $5 per scam artist then it’s clear they are not making even one-fourth of what they claim.

Bitcoin Code vs. other Bitcoin trading robots

We noted some advantages Bitcoin Code has over other trading robots we have tested. Here are our observations;

Bitcoin CodeOther bitcoin robots
All the processes on Bitcoin Code are transparent, there are no hidden fees.It is difficult to know how charges are calculated because there is lack of transparency.
Account registration can be done in five minutes or less.The process to open a new account is too cumbersome and lengthy.
Bitcoin Code is open to everyone; there is no need to have special training to get started.Many other platforms are not user-friendly, only experienced traders can use them.
  Fast withdrawal system on Bitcoin Code makes it convenient for all users.Withdrawal requests may not be processed for many days.
The testimonial section shows that many people are making money with Bitcoin Code every day.There are hardly positive reviews; many users are dissatisfied with the system.

Tips for new investors

Here are some tips to help new investors have a rewarding experience with Bitcoin Code;

Start with small investments

As a new investor, it is best to start with the minimum deposit of $250, while you study the auto trading system. When you fully understand how everything works, you can increase your deposit and make more money.

Withdraw profits

It is a smart move to withdraw your profit and reinvest the capital.

Study the Market

The cryptocurrency market is a very busy place; there is a lot to learn if you can find the time. The information you get will help you make better investment decisions.

Pay your tax

Always pay your taxes on all profits made by trading with Bitcoin Code.

Invest your disposable income

Only invest your disposable income, instead of your entire life savings or money for rent. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, so you should play it safe.

 Advantages of using Bitcoin Code

We have also added some of the benefits of trading with Bitcoin Code. Please note that these points have been observed and written as we tested the different features on the auto trading platform.

No need for special training or skills

Bitcoin Code is perfect for busy people who need to start making a passive income daily. You don’t need any skills to get started because the robots do all the work.

High win rate

Our analytics tools have proven that the win rate on Bitcoin Code is very high. This means that every investor will make a profit after each trading session.

Accurate processes

The trading robots are fast and accurate. They eliminate the possibility of errors which can happen when humans trade manually.

Customer Support

It is always best to use a trading platform that offers 24/7 customer support.

User Testimonials

BitCoin Code has proven to be superb cryptocurrency mining software. I was skeptical about the Bitcoin stuff until I opened my trading account. Sincerely, BitCoin Code has always been generating about $10,000 per day and this gets higher sometimes. So this tool has my highest recommendation!”

The BitCoin Code Software has my total recommendation. The performance of this online trading tool supersedes other tools I have used in the past. This tool accumulates high earnings for me every day. You need no skills or experience about cryptocurrencies or investments—this software will do everything for you!”


BitCoin Code System is a tested and proven 100% reliable and legit online trading tool. The tool can be used by beginner and sophisticated investors to do successful and profitable online financial operations. The response of users to this cryptocurrency robot has been wonderful and the reviews received so far have been professional. It handles all trading operations for end-users, and they don’t have concerns or worries because it is in compliance with the toughest SSL standards.

Cryptocurrency trading has become much easier with the great effort put in by Steve Mckay. The software he created has made cryptocurrency trading much easier, as it has embedded great AI features with it. His developed app has the capacity to generate over $500 per hour on crypto trading.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a trading robot. It is an automated trading software program that helps traders determine whether to buy or sell an asset at any given point in time. The Bitcoin Code runs on very intelligent AI software and robots that can appropriately detect rise or fall in cryptocurrency prices to help its users buy at a very cheap price and sell when the price appreciates.

The software gained its popularity due to its sophisticated algorithms which are said to predict crypto market movements and execute profitable trades for the user automatically. The platform’s algorithms are able to make trades hundreds of times per second and is 0.1 seconds ahead of the market. This is said to enable the software to make greater returns than through traditional forms of trading.

It has unique algorithms that can easily identify as well as predict any potential trends and threats in the cryptocurrency market.