BitQT Review

While researching online, we found so many good reports about BitQT. Everyone is saying that BitQT is the best cryptocurrency trading system that currently exists. We have done our comprehensive review, and we can confirm that these people are correct.

My team is impressed with BitQT; it is one of the popular crypto trading platforms that create an opportunity for everyone to start earning more money passively.

BitQT is not a scam!
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What Is BitQT?

BitQT was created in 2017 by a team of bitcoin brokers. At the time, they claimed they could carry out bitcoin trades 0.01 seconds faster than their competitors. By performing faster trades, the team believed they could beat other auto-trading platforms to capitalize on market trends.

Today, investors still do not know who created BitQT. Currently, the rumor is that it was built by a team of well-connected brokers. Because they already had experience working with their own platforms, they were able to create an even better algorithm when they worked together on BitQT. As a result of their efforts, users can enjoy a simple, powerful platform for making automatic investments.

How Does It Work?

BitQT does not charge users to access the software. Instead of using a subscription model, the app focuses on having a large volume of trades. Because of this, the creators only receive 1 percent of successful trades. If the trades are not successful, you do not have to pay.

All you have to do is deposit your initial investment with the platform’s broker. Then, you can choose your recommended settings. It only takes about 20 minutes to get set up on the platform.

  • Make an account.
  • Send in your initial deposit to the broker of your choice.
  • Pick your settings.
  • Turn the auto-trade option on.
  • Sign in to the platform to monitor your account’s performance.

Analysing the credibility of BitQT

Before we recommend any auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, we like to check the credentials of the brand. My team discovered that BitQT is listed among the registered brands, and this information is good enough for us to conclude that it is a legit trading platform.

The trading process

The trading system works with a special algorithm and robot, the system has been designed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the deposit that has been made available by the account owner.

We discovered that only registered account owners can trade with BitQT, this provides an additional level of protection on the crypto trading platform. After trading, the system calculates the user’s payout, and a commission is removed from the account owner’s profits. We like the system because BitQT only gets paid when the account owner makes a profit.

Visit BitQT Official Website

Is BitQT App a scam or reliable robot?

From our investigation, BitQT App seems reliable. It is similar to Cryptosoft which we have found to partner with regulated brokers.  Read our review of Cryptosoft to find out more.

BitQT App is allegedly powered by AI and blockchain technologies. While AI allegedly ensures high and consistent performance, blockchain brings about transparency. BitQT operates in a transparent environment where users can monitor their accounts in real-time and raise disputes through smart contracts.

Moreover, BitQT has published all crucial data on its website. This includes the identity and regulation of its partner brokers. When choosing a robot, it is always important to pay attention to the underlying brokers. A robot that partners with sham offshore brokers is likely a scam.

We have carried out a background check on BitQT partner brokers and found them to be legit and worthwhile. They all report adhering to strict regulatory guidelines such as deposit segregation, insurance, and regular external audits. This implies that all deposits through this robot are safe.

Regarding platforms safety, BitQT premium applies military-grade data protection measures. These include 128-bit key encryption and database protection through SiteLock. BitQT is also compliant with the stringent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

User feedback on ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot also indicate that this robot seems trustworthy. 95% of reviewers report a positive outcome with BitQT.

Getting Started with BitQT

Trading with the BitQT premium software should be easy if you follow the provided instructions. This robot trades automatically but requires users to define risk settings before starting a live session.

The risk management process with BitQT App is well elaborated in the provided trading guide. There are also video tutorials explaining different settings and a demo account to help you practice what you learn.

We strongly advise that you take enough time practising to avoid mistakes during live trading. BitQT is supposedly a high return robot, but it isn’t risk-free. It is, therefore, paramount that you only risk what you can afford to lose. Never fund a high-risk investment with your entire retirement savings.


Register a free account on BitQT app homepage using the provided form. Verify your contact details as instructed and agree to their terms and conditions.

You also need to verify whether to be in their mailing list. We recommend that you do so since this is how the robot’s customer service reaches out to users with updates. BitQT doesn’t send unsolicited offers or share your data with third parties.

Please note that you will also be redirected to the partner broker’s page to confirm details and verify identity. ID verification is a crucial measure recommended by all regulators to help weed out instances of money laundering.


Fund your BitQT premium trading account with at least 250 USD to start trading. All deposits happen on the partner broker’s page since they are the one to place orders in the market.

You can fund your BitQT app account through multiple methods including debit and credit cards and wire transfer. E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and leading crypto wallets are also accepted. There are no deposit fees with BitQT app partner brokers.

Trading education

BitQT app offers a comprehensive trading resource centre to help users navigate through its platform and make the most out of it.

The resource centre includes a trading manual and several video tutorials explaining BitQT risk management process. There is also a demo trading account to help users practise what they learn during practice.

Also available are regular trading webinars to update users on the latest features on the robot. BitQT app also offers a trading calendar to help users take advantage of highly volatile market events. The robot trades volatility and therefore performs best when BTC price swings are high. Read our review of Bitcoin Code for another easy to use robot.

Live trading

The BitQT live trading process is simple. However, you must follow the provided trading guide to the letter to get positive results.

You must pay more attention to the risk settings since this is where most BitQT app users go wrong. Make sure that you set the Stop Loss and Take Profit features following the guidelines provided in the BitQT trading guide.

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Feature of Bitqt

With a strong and broad active user base and positive online reviews, the Bitqt is one of the top robotic systems in the market. The characteristics that make this robot stand out from the competition are as follows.

Strong Performance

Reportedly, the Bitqt website makes a regular gain of up to $1,000 per $250 cash investment. The machine trades 1 to 1000 on the leverage, which determines the high reported gain. Such a rate of return ensures that users can invest in opportunities worth up to $250,000 out of a deposit of $250,000.

An Easy Website

The Bitqt software is 100% automatic, implying that no expertise is necessary to go through it. If you create an account and transfer funds, the machine does the actual work for you and you can take it easy. Bitqt Software performs best for a minimum of 8 hours a day if it is given the time to work.

Outstanding Customer Support Service

You can always access the Bitqt customer support service at any time of the day with its Smartphone App. Their customer service agents are working from Monday to Friday. They are polite, professional and well trained. Plus, we can include phone calls, email and live chat as the Bitqt platform offers several mediums for interactions. If you are on  Facebook and Twitter, you can access them there too.

Remarkably Safe

The platform seems to take the protection of its users seriously. As mentioned earlier, the Bitqt software is concerned about security. There is top-level coding protection on this trading bot website, which ensures that hackers could never gain access and disrupt the web traffic. Furthermore, the Bitqt complies with the strict European union’s general data rule (GDPR) and this law ensures that digital sites comply primarily with the security of customer data.

The Final Word

This Bitqt is a legitimate site. At the end of this journey, we confirm that its robot has outstanding online feedback with most reviewers stating that it works consistently. Our team performed a Bitqt platform’s demo trade test and found it very easy to use. In addition, this operator has military-grade data security mechanisms and complies with the GDPR of the EU General Data Protection Safeguards.

With an investment of $250, you should go ahead and try this platform. An advice for you is to invest with proper caution.  Do not invest extra unless you are happy with the way the platform will function.